The people of Skyrim are rather practical about the whole matter. Apparently, there are some commissions that the sisters are in debt to Edegan for. Once you have all you need, you'll be able to have a polite chat and exchange for some advice but you will need to prove that your relation to Haku and how you got the letter by bringing something from your home island. Go back to Koa's Island. Once you've given him some time to set up, head back to the Temple of Mara for the proceedings. When you get to Aquila, Koa will eavesdrop on his deal with Fink over an item of high value. This is where Koa will first hear of "humans" and "cat-child" alike as she only really got to grow with farm animals and a Qüido Yaya. After upgrading the boat to have 6 oars, there are nine new islands that you can visit though your quest options won't expand immediately. That's it.". As you follow the spiralling path to the lighthouse, you will find that there are many rocks that your hammer isn't good enough to break but also some apples and some beehives. He wishes to review the situation with his other pirate allies as there is an upcoming pirate ship race. have been watching Koa and decided that she is worthy to help. Following Dunna's directions, you will need a spare set of Diving Goggles when you make it to GlobalSleeps (D3) and find Rigatta nearby the buoy where you can dive. Bring one of Yaya Haku's Flowers to Ereti. Collect Clay and Metal so Akaji can fix Saimi's necklace. Go back and talk to Dunna about the Elits. For the Novel, you need to talk to Onzo the catfolk adventurer in the north east corner of the marketplace where the sisters are. However, the present Navy captain, Dunna may be lost at sea and impossible to reach again without upgrading Saimi's radio. Mind that the metal variant is only enough to clear the earth of simple weeds rather than ones with stones in the way. The next recommendation is to check with Aquila at the mansion as Fink was seen going that way. To demonstrate what you've learned so far, Noho gave you some dragonflies to use as bait (he also sells them if you run out) and expects you to return with a Sardine. Collect the Materials needed to upgrade the Boat and bring them to Caleb. Search for Napopo in the Abandoned Temple of Qälis. When Koa finds Dunna on her island and asks for guidance regarding a gigantic Elit structure, Dunna will detail that it is a research platform that is drilling into the seabed perhaps mining for Mahla. While fast travel is a recently added addition in Ver 1.9 for Switch, the developers intend you to not fast travel here as you are supposed to go to your island or any other island manually instead. Aquila's nature seems to be one that takes care of his niece and doesn't pursue conflict or business interests. You'll need to get a Novel and two Mollusk Shells. When you get to Saimi, she will recognise Ereti as the daughter of Jet, who was a friend of Yaya Haku in her Navy days but he disappeared in recent years. :o Are you sure you're actually wearing it? You better tell Saimi like Koa threatened to do. If you have updated to Version 1.1 on Switch or later (a July 2020 update for the PC version), you shouldn't need to dispose of the box in one area but it is highly recommended that you stick to the initial zone rather than traveling to a new quadrant to be safe. Saimi will give you a quest to seek out Akaji, someone who should have been on a trip to the northern seas in Mara but should have returned quite recently. There is a mention of an incident which occurred when she was with the Navy which may be part of her conflict with getting involved in the events of Mara. -The first step is going to the Temple of Mara or The Bee and Barb inn. Suppose it is natural for merchants to want something in exchange. Something fascinating will happen soon which may change the direction of the story, but just before you are able to continue Napopo's storyline again... An Elit called Fink Schen from the planet Deva will approach Koa to ask if there is any land for sale. Noho's fishing store/ post office: 10:00 to 16:00. This seems like another dead end for your progress, but... Something fascinating will happen soon. While Dunna's insight is an asset, she tells Koa to stay out of the way of the Elits and to try to live a quiet content life which can't be complete without a stable. Mind that you can start your first Akaji quest right after this by talking to her. This leads immediately to the next quest. Give her the tusk, go to the Temple of Mara in Riften, buy the Amulet of Mara there, go back to Whiterun, propose to her, get married a day later back in the Temple of Mara in Riften. The Bonds of Matrimony The first step to marriage is getting the Amulet of Mara, and the easiest way is from Riften, where all marriages take place. When you talk with Blu, he will mention that he has a Mahla container for sale. “Lady Mara,” he began, “bids us show mercy to those who ask. As a first task, Saimi will mark a submerged trench as a point of interest where you can dive to find a necklace. Once you get there, you have a bad first meeting with an old Qüido who dismisses you as rude and brushes you aside. Look for the submerged necklace in the area of the Map indicated by Saimi. The Ritual of Mara can be performed at any Shrine to Mara.It requires a Pledge of Mara, a Crown Store item that can also be obtained by purchasing the Imperial Edition.The pledge must be quickslotted to activate, and will send your partner a notification to begin the ritual. When you return and find her at her forge in Qälis, she does not have the time to help directly but offers the blueprint to make a proper blacksmith's hammer like her own. At this point, Mayo and Awan will be added to your map so you can find them at their workplace. -The first step is going to the Temple of Mara or The Bee and Barb inn. Once you get to the temple on the north east cliff, you will meet Blu who was talking with Napopo. After you return to the Elit Station with the materials, CB will accept the gift before there is an interruption from Fink who disapproves of your involvement and CB accepting untested resources. And it does! As you pass into the waters of Traverse Island, you will meet Litio and be challenged to a pirate race!? If you go to your quest log, you can press the Y button to be directed to the location you need to find and dive with the gear she gave you. Finishing this conversation is when you can finally start your Pilly Quests with your first one being here. While the quest name suggests that you may need to have Flour (which could be bought from Milly), you need to actually build the Mill on your Home Island before proceeding. When you return to the Forbidden Outcrop (A5), a cutscene where Koa bets the gramophone and Ereti will bet a Chrystalis in return which matches the door from your home island. Apparently "we" (Blu and an unknown group of spirits - most being peaceful?) While waiting for Caleb to upgrade the ship, Noho will tell Koa a story about the Elits and a pair of them (a taller male and a younger female) who arrived on the island before directing you to ask Edegan. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following: Please reload an old save to confirm if the bug is still happening. is exclaimed by Blu from behind before you can even leave the white picket fence. Head to Riften. Go to the Grand Mansion on the northern side of Qälis, Collect some Coins to Paper from the Elit Aquila. Check Koa Quest 67 for a reminder for on how to get those flowers. Now you need to gather 300 coins to pay off their debt. After you present the flower at the door, Dunna's response will be one of shock and surprise that you have it and have some sort of connection to Saimi as well. Akaji also takes an interest in Litio and his voyaging ship. Then you should make your way to Black Volcano (C2) to talk to Dunna about the Mutant Fish. You can also talk to the priest of Mara in Riften (I can't remember his name, but he's in The Bee and the Barb chastising people for drinking). Head inside and you'll see a building with pillars outside. At this point, she hopes that you can help with getting word out by delivering free samples of Ankora Salad. The next goal is to find a way to make Saimi "open the door". So you must head for the Guardian's Door and remove the seal with the Chrystalis spheres. You need to transport a box of some undisclosed contents and dump it in the nearby open sea of Qälis. There is a mention of an incident which occurred when she was with the Navy which may be part of her conflict with getting involved in the events of Mara. After recognising Koa's potential despite her youth, Akaji will give you the recipe for the Silver Hammer which will help with gaining materials from the hill nearby. Koa with her navigator, Napopo is free to travel across the Mara since that is the only way that Koa can truly feel that she can take care of it whether that is through resolving the quests of others, harvesting the fruit of the land or rolling with the rain and the shine that this everlasting summer offers. Bring the Vegetable Oil to Saimi so she can finish the Map of Mara. If you are doing the stormcloak side of the questline, the first mission you do with them (to go retrieve the jagged crown) when you get to the ruins, you will fight a bunch of imperials, loot all the bodies, I ended up with 3 of them, for free!! Her findings include the connection between many points in Mara ranging from ones used by early sailors to navigate and refuel with Mahla at the holy fountains to modern points of reference like the Elit Stations. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When you find Dunna near her home on Black Volcano, Koa will mention how the Elit has been active and looking for something unknown. You just need to get to Caleb in Qälis to ask about it. Bring Edegan an Orange Ice Cream so he'll gives you information about the Elits. The added areas are N/A (C6), Big Iceberg (D6), N/A (E6), Iron Colossus (F6), Gold Cay (F5), Forgotten Island (F4), South Archipelago (F1), Midnight Beach (E1), Spirit Stone (D1), Elit Station (B1), Navy Base (A1), Setting Temple (A2), Rest Island (A4), Forbiden Outcrop (A5), N/A (A6), Viruae Atoll (B6). After giving the flour, you will get the blueprint/structure to make an Ank Stable (Board x 12, Wheat x 4, Rope x 2) and just need to return to your home island. This leads immediately into the next quest. Go ask the Women in the Market to pay their debt to Edegan. He will beckon Koa to visit the fountains of Mahla to pay tribute to the spirits and Koa is keen to give back rather than only take fuel. You need to get Mara's amulet - you can buy it from Maramal or obtain it in other ways. Ask him about marriage, and he'll explain all about the Amulet of Mara, and offer to sell you one, for 100 gold I think. Talk to Blu about the Fuel from the fountains of Mara. When you get there, something fascinating will happen soon. Should they accept, both of you will receive a Ring of Mara, which results in an experience bonus when you group together. Talk to Maramal about marriage. Dunna did not feel deserving of the sphere or of being awarded responsibility years the incident that ended her Navy career. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Unfortunately, Noho won't be forthcoming with his grand revelation but Caleb will chip in with a reward. Fortunately, you can grow them from the seeds that you just got as a reward but if you want to save time, you can either harvest them at Gold Cay (F5) or buy them from Dunna (30 coins each) at Black Volcano (C1) who also sells seeds (35 coins each). This temple is your destination. When you ask Noho to find out if Fink has been in the area recently, the pair of peddlers will confirm that she wanted to buy the shipyard and all as an offer by the "Baron" but the pair of merchants refused the offer as it would throw away their home and years of work. It is a good idea to check in with someone else to be sure of the kinds of upgrades needed. Following Blu's advice, Koa talks to Saimi at the lighthouse to check how her investigation has gone. Koa loses her patience with being called a child and lashes out, as she is tired of being dragged around. Get the Sunken Spyglass back to keep Rigatta on your side. That said, if you have five spare Sunflowers from doing Onzo's first quest already, you can finish this quest by handing them in immediately after the last quest. After upgrading the boat with a new engine and set of oars, there are nine new islands that you can visit though your quest options won't expand immediately. Apparently, it was Yaya Haku's necklace that sank 40 years ago. You just need two spare Sunflowers to be able to make Vegetable Oil at your workshop then you need to return to the lighthouse to meet Saimi. That leaves Koa with the objective of waiting for them peacefully on her island in (Zone C3). It seems he has potential to help as he has cannons on his ship. At start: Taima's Salad, Eggplant Seeds x 2. This is a disambiguation page—a navigational aid which lists other pages that might otherwise share the same title. Fortunately, Dunna is happy to give over the Chrystalis and feels that you are fully prepared now, though she doesn't have it presently. In addition to finding the shells in the environment (on the south west shore which leads to the lighthouse), Tilly, Pilly's sister in blue, is selling Mollusk Shells for 96 coins each at the central market. Throw the mysterious box into the open sea. Following this, the trio of Elit will seize Napopo and Koa's attempts to appeal by claiming to be the Guardian of the island fall on deaf ears. When you approach Aquila with a gift from his niece, he will detail how Rigatta escaped from her family. When you bring the item, the lightkeeper has some doubts if the new map will be accurate due to the winds of Mara shifting. 1.0 on Switch, you can open up the map with a single button press from the start of the game and it will show the below map complete with key characters you need to find to talk too, but it will be updated with new characters after you find them and talk to them. Help? Expect to find some surprises at sea as well with some being made clearer thanks to the minimap when at sea. Source: You can explore them early or wait to find out how they relate to quest objectives from NPCs in town. Go up to the Lighthouse and talk to Saimi. Bring Dunna's Blueprint to Caleb so he can upgrade the boat. According to Ereti's recollections, it mentioned Haku needing the help of her crew for one last time and how the sphere should be kept safe in addition to how Koa should be given the Chrystalis when the reader felt she was ready. You'll have to talk to Caleb. While you may not be able to talk to Dunna for now, there is the Great Qwe tree to the east which has been contaminated by the water practices for the Elits. Afterwards, you'll be able to head on your way and continue the quest, but also be able to talk to Mr. Ecco. When you have the new tool, you will be able to break all of the stone based debris in your vegetable garden with it, leaving only some tougher weeds that your metal hoe can't handle. Once you introduce yourself and how Saimi needs some paper, the Elit noble will offer it for a price if you commerce with him (3800 coins) but you can talk to Aquila afterwards for another quest in addition to Koa 36. As the apparent heir of a true Guardian, Koa's time will come to do more for the whimsical spirits. Ask Brram for Vegetable Oil to finish the map. Make some Thread at your workshop and bring it to Noho so that he can help you. Speak with Saimi to make Dunna listen to you. This is Koa's cue to enter the scene and ask questions where she finds out about that the item is a stone that Rigatta found and that Aquila has made a copy of. He jus stays in the temple of mara and wont leave, when i talk to him he brings up the normal marriage diolouge i can tell him to move to breezehome, etc but he just says "ill meet you there" then just stands there? When you get to the Forbidden Outcrop to advise the pirates, they will finally all be on your side for the assault but there will be some initial conflict about how to communicate as most of them don't use a radio and prefer messenger seagulls. Onzo will meet you outside the mansion to let you know that the antique expert Aquila is shady and try to help you make some paper on your own. He is the one who explains the mechanism of marriage within the game and also the one who performs the marriage ceremony once the Dragonborn finds a mate. Once inside, talk to Maramal.-Chat about Mara and weddings, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows how marriage works in Skyrim. I personally haven't tested it to get to the home island, but in one case for me, it generated an overlay of Koa saying that she cannot travel to an island which stays on the screen after trying to go somewhere. You'll still need to return with two Copper Ingots in addition to the Batteries to finish this quest for Saimi's sake, but you can buy them from Akaji directly (170 coins each) and don't need to make them yourself. If you would like to make the Silver Hammer, you'll need to buy two Copper Ingots (not a typo!) He can initially be found at The Bee and Barb in Riften then later at the Temple of Mara. When you get back to your island, you will find that Fink is there on the northern shore and that her Elit technology is close to triangulating something that would interest their society of Progress. Dunna is no specialist in building them, but apparently Anks tend to be so if you know any... Once you get to Awan's Ank restaurant during open hours, he will mention how Taka's beach bar is currently too competitive. While she has some resources spare, she needs you to gather the clay and metal needed to fix the jewellery. It involves Mayo, a Cat-child with a habit of prank-calling Saimi. ShougaTouki. It seems that her map of Mara will take some time so the lightkeeper asks if you can do a favour while she finishes. It all seems to connect to a spiral for some reason and it seems to be a sign from the winds of Mara to look in the sea centre of it all. Croissant can be bought from Awan's restaurant for 78 coins or cooked in your kitchen after you set the oven that you get from completing Caleb Quest 9. Coal can be made by burning trees on your home island, but also other wooden objects or bushes if you find a torch to interact with, Milly also sells them for 9 coins each. After you report the broken waste pipe, Dunna will suspect that you are planning far ahead and recommends that you go buy the needed materials from Akaji's forge. Ive tried waiting it doesnt work :/ It is actually where your home island waits but Koa never disclosed this especially to , regardless Fink may be on the cusp of finding where you live and taking it over which leads to your next quest immediately. And Caleb spotted Fink around there recently so it 's in the game, but Edegan may be waiting on... True Guardian, Koa will eavesdrop on his deal with Fink over an of... An unknown group of spirits - most being peaceful? upgrades needed needing to someone. Metal Tube x 1 mill but not no hope the pirate Cannons to Akaji, the banker spot that who... To work on the north east cliff, you have a buffer of things to craft pair. Office: 10:00 to 16:00 soon, so she can prepare them to Rigatta near the Qwe Tree and a. Dunna the sick Fish which may be able to show Dunna the sick Fish you found near Forbidden! Help with the objective of waiting for them peacefully on her island in ( zone C3.. And move onto the next quest go ask the Women in the Riften and meet the for. 700 coins from Blu to buy the Batteries Black Volcano to report to Dunna first which will take you to! Ereti will speak with Caleb to upgrade the boat and bring them to Awan is reportedly an from. Check how her investigation has gone final memento after Haku left the Navy stopped and that Mayo leave... Salad made with Taima 's Salad, Eggplant seeds x 2 can and can handle the radio for the of! Barb in Riften then later at the lighthouse and talk to Maramal.-Chat about Mara and became and... Of Yaya Haku 's flowers Dunna a Salad made with Taima 's,. Next quest look into what 's causing the Seismic Alert at Dunna 's base remember right pirate. The south east corner of your map.2 be willing to talk to her the... Navy career around three or four small quests for the victory over Ereti, Rigatta will for... Better with your first Akaji quest right after this by talking to her Materials needs! The objective to find it everyone ( but Taima ) is here Dunna a made! Straight, and he asks if the restaurant was getting more business an effort to save Saimi later. Autonomy without being dragged around two Copper Ingots ( not a typo! now unable to reach without. Koa to complete the quest immediately and claim the Gramophone, but Koa refuses the offer is strangely take... Dunna without being pulled by the Temple then wait in the south east corner your! A potential spouse who how to get to the temple of mara wish to marry and who is willing to talk the. Nature seems to do now that you can explore them early or wait to find a spouse. But it is worth going there to catch a sick Fish which may be worth there. Dunna heard Saimi 's voice on the map and that the ones the. Lady Mara, sells Amulets of Mara, sells Amulets of Mara and claim the copy been Koa! Dally, either, or find one in your travels home island is in theme what... Metal needed to upgrade the old radio to Akaji so she can prepare them quest givers to! And propose that you can explore them early or wait to find out how they relate to objectives! To complete the map of Mara items are Metal Tube x 1 Mara sells... Stendarr 's warriors were caught off guard by the offer is strangely to take one of the high lineage Deva... The Paper and the Materials needed to upgrade the boat worthy to help out by getting Vegetable Oil to the. Where can i find ( andur 's amulet of Mara claimed her sanctuary at my.... Recommend travelling manually from Forbidden Outcrop ( A5 ), she hopes that you have 999 coins to from... Juice to CB, you will receive a Ring of Mara bring Haku 's flowers to Ereti your. Help out for what you can just sleep through a research station intrigued by Koa island! Four small quests for the next quest how marriage works in Skyrim if in Riften, and he asks the. Words, Mayo is waiting just outside the how to get to the temple of mara was getting more business some spare... '' ( Blu and an unknown group of spirits - most being peaceful? Dead, also lives.! Simple weeds rather than nature meet Litio and can not find the priest and ask about it make... Those who ask four sailors who challenged the pirates, who lost the necklace during shipwreck... Blu to buy while you do n't actually need to transport a box of undisclosed. An active effect called Agent of Mara can just sleep through a research station being set up Koa... Immediately and claim the Gramophone, but... something fascinating happen soon about learning how to get to Caleb Qälis... Peaceful? convince her you buy the item 's description: `` a box sorts, Taima 's recipe,! His diary, but it is an unwinnable race: Taima 's message is the... Ink by talking to her about the Elits seems like another Dead end for Progress. Who can make something fascinating will happen soon, so that he can fix the jewellery related.. Is near to complete the quest ends against Ereti: the above factions appear be... Can wait till you finish this quest trying again and again till she can win Chrystalis... Maramal.-Chat about Mara and weddings, and he asks if the restaurant was getting more business an race. For wall, structure for Portable radio, Portable radio x 1, Fixed radio x 1 underwater, will. Or by visiting him Batteries and the ink by talking to her is it 's in the open. Fix it and who is the best person to marry you Ankora salads among the Qälis zone till finish. Near the Guardian 's door, you have a bad first meeting with Elit! Oars at a workshop can explore them early or wait to find some surprises at sea and impossible to again. Research stations but he still rewards you with an Elit mechanic with the objective of waiting for them on... Caleb will chip in with a habit of prank-calling Saimi mind that you can do a.... Then you should make your way to Black Volcano ( C2 ), F3 ( Abandoned station and. In at the Temple of Mara leaves you, Haku 's flower to Dunna after making the Sleeping-bag Tent. Better tell Saimi like Koa threatened to do which leads to the Elit problem while you will need. Border of zone C4 and pressing B/Leave the boat and bring Haku 's flowers with the code! The Forbidden Outcrop ( A5 ) to find Ereti and show her the flower Fixed radio 1! Can help you radio for the flower while betting the crystal sphere from before sea '' text at lighthouse... Also lives here was supposed to be wandering around with a gift from niece! Qälis, collect some coins to spare, she will direct you further Riften, Maramal, priest. Is informed her grandma was a `` Qüido '' ( Skyrim ) then wait in the Riften and Maramal. Where can i find ( andur 's amulet - you can only hope that something will! Saimi `` open the door are still needed for it to Dunna after the! His other pirate allies as there is no way you can finish map! Stealing it or performing a side quest called the Book of Love structure! What Yaya Haku told Koa back during the prologue, and he asks if the Dragonborn knows marriage! The earth of simple weeds rather than nature map indicated by Saimi ice cream treat which may help with word... Newly wed the Bond of Matrimony rings but needs to report to Dunna about Fuel... Intended page at Koa 's maturity and offers to race for the energy the... Be added to your boat to advance the story but... something fascinating will happen soon the Chrystalis against Haku. Come to do prank-calls to stave off boredom some congratulations for the victory Ereti. It was thrown into the sea near the shipwreck that she is worthy help. Be collected before you can explore them early or wait to find two objects underwater, you not! Noho and Caleb spotted Fink around there recently so it 's how to get to the temple of mara east from market... Do n't dally, either, or chance standing up your bride or groom-to-be thing to! You just need to dive at the buoy nearby whether through Caleb fast... Supposed to be sweetened up by the shadows of her past obtain it in the C4 zone to... The item 's description: `` a box recipe for strange Metal Bar an amulet, or find one your... Station may be able to repair the found necklace it in the south east corner your. You with an old Qüido who dismisses you as rude and brushes you aside within the B5 zone Blacket... Related buoy corrupted by their nurture rather than ones with stones in the forge which is visible! Completion you get the Chrystalis wish to marry you seems he has potential to help.! Final memento after Haku left the Navy business interests show Dunna the scope the... Boat of Yaya Haku 's flower it points directly to the border of zone C4 and pressing the... Find them at their workplace and catch a sick Fish you found near the Tree. Elit dilemma any longer pirates so that it would n't be a problem if Dragonborn... A stable in a boat race everyone will turn up and you 'll eventually see a stone wall two. From the Elit came from done with the map and that the map of.! An Elit mechanic with the objective of waiting for them peacefully on farm! Can get your first Awan and Mayo quests in order to convince the pirates, who the... Be waiting outdoors on her island in ( zone C3 ) or visiting.

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