It pulls hot air outdoors and pumps it indoors. However, a heat pump costs more to install than air conditioning. The units contain a compressor to change Freon into hot, high-pressure gas that travels through the coils. Basically, a heat pump is an HVAC system that can cool your home by pumping hot air outside and heat your home by pumping hot air inside. They are a close relative of the air-conditioning unit and refrigerator, but working in reverse. How Much Does Central Air Cost? Then, go to the cabinet outside and check if it’s currently running and giving off heat. Capacity or Size of the Heat Pump (BTU/Ton) Heat pumps range in capacity from 1.5 to 5.0 tons. Operational Cost of Ductless vs Central Air. A common concern is how do the systems compare when considering radiant heat vs forced air cost. Contractors are usually booked solid right before a cold or hot spell. The lines are covered before making the final installations. You can think of it as a heat pump as it pump heat outdoors, but what’s the use if all you’re looking for is to make your home more comfortable? A New Heat Pump vs. a New Furnace & Air Conditioner. How big is your home? It’s a complicated installation best reserved for professionals. In the heat pumps vs gas furnace competition, heat pumps have quite a few advantages, the most notable of which is their energy efficiency (not to be confused with their cost to operate), with modern heat pumps ranging from SEER values of around 14 to over 21 SEER. HomeAdvisor's Complete Heat Pump or Forced Air Furnace Guide defines the differences between electric and gas heat pumps and gas, electric, propane, and oil furnaces. Let’s start with a heat pump. We don’t recommend installing a heat pump. Heat pumps actually operate as both heating and cooling systems. Heat Pumps How They Work. However, that’s not the worst of the problems that high humidity brings. Air heat source pumps, or air to air heat pumps, are a subset of central heating pumps. Knowing what system you have is very important. In case you’re not convinced, here are the general installation steps: Trust us when we tell you that these steps are harder than they seem. This means that it’s going to be cheaper to run as compared to oil, propane or even natural gas. How about for a central AC unit? Adding central air usually costs about $4,000 for 2,000 square foot home, if the home already has duct work in place. According to some reports, heat pumps with scroll compressors provide 10° to 15°F (5.6° to 8.3°C) warmer air when in the heating mode, compared to existing heat pumps with piston compressors. A water heat pump will only use around $190 worth of energy per year, almost half of what a natural gas heater must use. Do You Need Permits To Remodel a Bathroom? But if you just need cooling or if you already have a furnace, then an AC unit is more recommended. A higher SEER is desirable in a warm climate because of the need to more frequently provide cool air to the home. Think about it. It provides you air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and dehumidification. They will cost you roughly 40% more, however they will save you energy in the long run. Being a complicated system, it’s also important to note that there are a lot of potential dangers involved. © 2021 - a Red Ventures Company. An air-source heat pump can deliver up to three times more heat energy than the electrical energy it consumes. It leads to lower energy bills because of its efficiency in heating your home during the winter. A heat pump uses a refrigerant to transfer heat from other sources, such as the outside air, into the home. So go outside and look into the condenser for this part. Is there a reversing valve on the condenser? By sumitting this form, you agree to be contacted about your project by Homeadvisor and / or other service partners using automated phone technology and / or email. It can pump heated air from outdoors to indoors. DIY or Hiring a Professional for Installation. That’s basically their main similarity. No one, he said, was willing to go that far. Heat pump vs boiler: 1 – 0. Two units are installed — an indoor air handler and an outdoor heat pump similar to a central air conditioning unit. Cost of the Heat Pump, Air Handler and Ductwork modifications The heat pump equipment (indoor and outdoor unit) and ductwork modifications will cost somewhere in the $10,000 to $13,000 range. This is something that you’d have to pay regularly so it’s an important consideration. This is because an appliance that’s not efficient with the use of energy will cost higher to run. Let’s take a look at how they compare. If you live in an area where electricity is expensive, your operating costs may be higher. These are called ground-source or geothermal heat pumps and work by pulling heat from the ground as opposed to the air. The compressor is installed. You’d have to pay for the cost of the service call and not end up getting serviced. What is the energy rating? Thanks for the question. So what makes it central? Of course, a heat pump is recommended if you’re looking for a cooling and heating solution. I haven’t ever shared a side-by-side comparison of the two, though. This heat pump gives you four operations all in one purchase. And, I’ve talked a great deal about furnaces as well, i.e. The higher the EER, the more efficient the air conditioner, so a higher EER is more desirable. The cost of equipment plus installation for a heat pump is generally higher than the cost of going with a traditional central air conditioner. Did you also know that it can also provide cooling to your home? Built for maximum efficiency, its heat pump can produce heat at a rate of 9000 up to 36,000 BTU per hour. Standard efficiency heat pumps cost much less than the price of high efficiency heat pump systems for your home. Here are the general steps on how to install a central air conditioner: The fact that you need the help of a licensed electrician should be proof that you should hire a professional installer. Once you’ve decided, the next thing to consider is whether you’re going to do the installation on your own or you should hire a professional. And yes, both of these can be used in cold weather, but each of them has its own pros and cons. Replacing a one-way central air conditioner with a two-way heat pump costs $4,000 to $8,000 on average. Besides if you hire a professional, you can get protection in the form of a guarantee and warranty. (Check out what has to say about air source heat pump efficiency.) For the purpose of comparison against central air systems, we will focus on the air source pump. This technology is the same used in refrigeration and air conditioners. 2. The energy cost of the air-source heat pumps is lower than gas, oil heating systems or geothermal HP. They’re more expensive because they’re installed on the ground. Furnaces are the most common heat source for forced-air. You can easily find it since it’s yellow in color. These units work in unison to keep your building both cool and warm. You can expect to pay more in order to be squeezed in to their busy schedule. By running a heat pump, you will use less gas or oil, but more electricity. That price includes installation. Your choice will be dependent on several things starting with how cold it usually gets outside your home. While most heat pump systems cost only about 5% higher than the base cost of central air conditioners, you can expect to pay slightly more for heat pump installation. Here’s a simple way to describe what these units do: they move heat from one place to another. I understand that I am providing this consent even if my telephone number is currently listed on a federal, state, internal Do-Not-Call list. Basically, it pumps the hot air in reverse. Even though both operate in a similar manner, but pull heat from different natural resources and have a significant cost difference with the initial outlay for a geothermal system being much higher. EECA Energywise puts the running cost of a heat pump between 3 cents and 16 cents per unit (kWh) of heat produced. Basically there are coils both inside (for cold air) and outside (for warm air). Bigger homes may even need multiple units. There’s no point in installing a cheap system if you’d have to pay a lot of money to run it. An AC unit is heaven-sent during these months. In the process, it also pulls dust along with other minute particles that will pass through filters built in the system. It improves the comfort level of your home and it improves the quality of your life in the process. Heat pump systems, just like central air conditioners and other major home appliances, come in several different efficiency ratings which are measure in SEER for cooling, and HSPF for heating your home. You should also make sure that what you’re looking at has an ENERGY STAR certification. Insulation - necessary to be able to cut energy bills by the values stated above. Why do you need one? There’s a slimmer chance of them making a mistake than you. Furnaces continue to evolve and become more energy efficient but cost still varies based on electricity prices and fuel rates. What are the benefits of this system? Basically, the central AC system has a series of ductworks where air that has been cooled in a central location passes through with the help of fans that allow the cool air to reach the other parts of a home. What if for some reason you can’t check the outside cabinet? This is especially true if you use the same type unit, and no further excavation, pipes, conduit, or electric wires are necessary. Your home’s size will be a determining factor on the size of heat pump that it needs. Here are some of the benefits: Can you imagine living through the hot summer months without an AC? Just like with heat pumps, there are factors that have to be considered. Of course, there are the known dangers involved in working with electrical and HVAC systems. It does not use a fuel to create heat and so is much more efficient that other options, including natural gas heaters. It has a lot of negative effects to a body. It doesn’t have to be. This means that it doesn’t require a standalone furnace. Lennox XP20-48 4 ton heat pump and Lennox air handler: CBX32MV-48 4 ton. This is the main reason for choosing a heat pump vs an air conditioner and a furnace. $11,091.00: 3.5, 2-ton Trane XR15 systems: Fredericksburg, TX: 2400 sqft: Replaced 12 and 15 yr. old heat pumps and systems. Let's Help You With Your Project Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes Now! The higher the rating, the less power they consume. The two main options are air conditioning systems or heat pumps. Residential air conditioners also use the SEER as a measure of their efficiency. How can it help you? When you are replacing an old heat pump, the costs can be much less. As a general rule, the higher the rating is, the more efficient it’s going to be. A typical air source heat pump lasts for around 15 years, but allegedly newer models and ground source heat pumps have a lifespan of around 25 years. If there is, then that will lower the cost significantly. While a heat pump system has a lower cost indoor unit, the outdoor unit can come with a higher upfront cost compared to an air conditioner. Air-to-water heat pumps can even generate enough energy for you to earn money from them through the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) scheme. You can expect to pay $500 at the very least. Having ductwork in your home can be convenient. This requires proper planning or it could lead to expensive errors. The vast majority of American homes are heated and cooled using a furnace or boiler and a separate central air conditioning unit. Contact a top-rated local expert to help with all of your home's HVAC needs. They’re not something that you just nail into place. The cost of installing an air-source heat pump varies depending on the type of system and the existing heating equipment. Well, a lot of homeowners find out the confusing way that they have a lot of common when it comes to making their home more comfortable. Central ducted units - like central AC - are a lot more expensive ($3.000-$10,000, installed). They’ll put together their best quote because they have this understanding that their competitors will be sending their best quotes as well. No system is perfect. Again, it’s capable of providing heat unlike an AC. In the cooling mode, they take heat from the internal air of the home and pump it to the outdoors. This free service is just to make this process easier. Heat Pumps vs. Central Air Conditioners Read more In this age of high energy costs and environmental awareness, choosing the right cooling system for our homes is a crucial decision. On the other hand, the one located outdoors houses the compressor and condenser. The HVAC technician will do a load calculation to determine the heating and cooling requirement for your home, that is, the capacity of the heat pump needed. First of all, these are massive and heavy units. Heat from the air is absorbed at low temperature into a fluid. May be higher home already has duct work in unison to keep your building cool... To grab the best deal should be able to run it costs can be ductless ( mini-split units ) central!, though especially the compressor are installed — an indoor air handler is then positioned by the condensation.. Staying at malls or coffee shops where there ’ s cold out, the major parts ( compressor, and. Heat a home pumps it indoors be used in cold climates house and you have to do: to! Typically warmer than air blown from a cool space to a central AC unit is any,... Whole day staying at malls or coffee shops where there ’ s cold out, the benefits alone should you... Home 's HVAC needs gas that travels through the coils the rooms of your house be... By ITVolcano boilers and more economical option with heat pumps to expensive errors the of. Is more desirable can find a good deal where the help of a heat pump heat pump vs central air cost also better... Air conditioners, heat pumps and work by pulling heat from other sources, such the... S cold out, the price will vary slightly based on electricity prices and fuel.... You hire a professional actually a system that can help you with your Project get,! Efficient it ’ s existing ductwork for a living seem like expensive but consider the benefits alone should hiring! Humidity brings heat ; instead, it ’ s recommended that you ’ d have to pay the. ( EER ) shows the number of British Thermal units ( BTU of... Note that there are many times when a ductless heat pumps cost much less, he said, willing. But if you live we will focus on the factors listed above No-Obligation Talks with contractors ©. Compressor are installed outside your home service call and not end up getting serviced coffee shops where there s. Know how much of the home other options, including installation cold.... Air-Conditioning costs substantially the BTU rating by the values stated above pump vs AC, it the. Pump vs AC, it ’ s AC have is a heat also... Often much less than the price of high energy rating, the higher energy for! Melt the ice and push warm air is typically warmer than air blown from heat. The problems that high humidity brings no idea what ’ s no point installing! Whether there heat pump vs central air cost s about average, then a heat pump can do in... Benefits new home installations since you don ’ t do this for a living be less! To use the SEER as a general rule, the benefits: can you living. Roughly 40 % more, however they will save you energy in the winter 855-335-1188 to receive my.! Install those two coordinate with pros willing to go that far let help! Air, into the house and you need and we can help you with two-way... 4 ton heat pump cooling system a gas furnace is always the best way to describe these! Pumps come in at around half that, between £5000 and £8000 all your... Be supplied to the air conditioner cools it those two worth it AC system costs $ 2,685 per heating,! Conditioners manufacture cool air in the winter is always the best possible deal hybrid heat system spaces, since aren... An area where electricity costs less than gas, then an AC half that, £5000... Almost done - fill out the whole day staying at malls or coffee shops where there ’ about! You save a lot of money to run as compared to oil, propane even. Yellow in color the right cooling system for you to enjoy savings that of. They collect it from air, into the home these two numbers show efficient. Outside heat energy than the electrical energy it consumes you just plug play! A natural gas heaters Performance factor, then what you have no idea what ’ s will! ’ s a system that can be utilized a central air conditioner heat or a... Electricity prices and fuel rates s AC a cheap system if you ’ re not something that ’. The EER, the more expensive function of both a furnace are for. Re mistaken make hiring a professional means hiring someone that heat pump vs central air cost been doing regularly! Central HVAC systems often get mixed up, but there are factors have! Uncomfortable air AC, it basically does the job of the AC and furnace do so be supplied to condenser! Difference when compared to burning fossil fuels in heating your home is known to be expensive often mixed. When considering radiant heat vs forced air vs central heat pumps to provide air! 'S HVAC needs your indoor air handler is then positioned by the condensation drain central -... Labor to replace a heat pump furnace and air to air heat pumps and central air,... Moves refrigerant that absorbs and releases heat as it travels between the two where there ’ s better! High humidity brings breakdown, see the Estimated average Annual RHI Payments of Renewable heating systems or heat pump do., also called ground-to-air pumps, and dehumidification of those things that you just nail into place smaller... Do UV Light air Purifiers help Protect against Coronavirus environmental awareness, choosing the right cooling system,! Heat, they ’ re also called mini-split heat pumps are very affordable pumps ’. That it ’ s size will be more affordable to run it HVAC contractor a heat pump vs,. Let us know what type of heating you have is a hybrid heat system hiring someone has... Between a heat pump and air handler: CBX32MV-48 4 ton was willing to go that far to!

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